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American Package Handling Systems (APHS) is ready to assist with any unit handling requirements. We have design and installation experience ranging from unloading trucks to packaging, sortation, food handling, bottling, pick and place pallet handling, and everything in between. When a need arises for professional material handling equipment, the application engineers at APHS offer the most efficient, economical solution.

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APHS offers a broad range of American-made material handling equipment.

  • Gravity conveyors, including roller, ball transfer, and skate wheel

  • Belt conveyors utilizing roller bed or slider bed

  • Powered roller conveyors with a belt under, chain-driven, and O-ring driven

  • Spiral conveyors for accumulation to utilize the most wasted space in the warehouse - overhead

  • Pallet handling conveyors including palletizers, pick and place robots, shrink-wrap

  • Equipment designed for moving products between floors or mezzanines

  • Sortation conveyors stage products for specific locations or shipping areas

  • Accumulation conveyors for increased capacity and efficiency


Live rollers located in a warehouse

Live Rollers

Example of pallet handling in a warehouse setting

Pallet Handling

Front angle of an empty belt conveyor

Belt Conveyors


Vertical Travel



APHS designs equipment for the space and budget available. Approval drawings are prepared as needed and provided to the customer. Engineering assistance includes mechanical details, as well as electrical requirements. APHS application engineers work with the customer’s personnel to ensure all wants and needs are met. After the sales assistance, training and commissioning will be provided to ensure the system functions as promised and the customer has 100% satisfaction.

Complete Turnkey Systems

Automation & Programming

System Integration

System Expansion


APHS offers complete turnkey availability. We can provide mechanical and electrical installation of new equipment. We also offer mechanical service personnel to replace motors, reducers, rollers, conveyor belts and any other mechanical service required. Our electrical engineers can provide electrical panels and components needed for new installations, as well as retrofit upgrades to existing equipment.

Belt & Roller Installation & Replacement

Conveyor repair in progress

Conveyor Repair

Right-angle gearbox, motor, and chain drive.

Motor, Reducer & Drive Replacement

Conveyor tied off by cable for relocating.

Conveyor Relocation