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HydraAir is our business unit focused on fluid power products - hydraulic and pneumatic!  We offer products for agricultural, industrial, processing, and mobile applications.  We are supported by over 50 world-class manufacturers in the fluid power field.  Our experts and partners are available to assist you with your toughest fluid power challenge.



We offer brand name hose and fittings!  We have fully stocked industrial and hydraulic hose shops located around the country, where we make hose assemblies while you wait.  We stock the adapters and fittings for most hydraulic equipment, so you are never down long for a broken hose!

Gates Industrial Hose Family


Pumps, Motors & Controls -  We are partnered with leading manufacturers of pumps, motors, and controls.  We stock a standard range of pumps and motors with the facilities to do conversions to make just about any flow or displacement you might need.  We also stock a wide variety of directional valves and cartridge valves for mobile applications as well as fixed industrial applications.

Hydraulic Cylinders -  We can offer standard NFPA-JIC or made to order cylinders for many applications from small agricultural cylinders to huge mining cylinders.

Power Units Need a hydraulic power unit to run all these components?  We can design and build a power unit to your specifications or call on one of our suppliers to provide a factory-configured unit.  We use only top-tier components in our power units and we stock backups for all the components we use!

Accessories -  We also have a wide array of hydraulic accessories such as gauges, filters, accumulators, and hydraulic fluid.  Check with your local Purvis account manager about our local options to support your business.

Eaton Power Pack


The pneumatic side of HydraAir mirrors our hydraulic side.  We have vendors that can fulfill every aspect of industrial automation and processing as well as air quality and instrumentation.

Filtration -  We offer air filtration products from inline filters to large volume desiccant driers.  We have filtration for dirt, water, oil, vapors, and odors.  We also offer compact point of use systems that can be tailored to your needs with oilers and OSHA approved shut off valves.

Valves and Controls -  We offer valves and valve manifolds that can be built to your specifications.  Our partners offer manifolds that meet various international standards and can be operated by the latest in serial interface technology.

Pneumatic Cylinders -  We offer NFPA and ISO cylinders as well as a wide variety of cylinders for machine automation in a multitude of sizes.  Our partners also have the facilities to make special cylinders to meet any application you may have.

Accessories -  We have a wide selection of tube and fittings for pneumatic applications.  We offer one touch and compression fittings for standard air applications and DOT-approved fittings and tubing for mobile use.  We offer gauges, pressure switches, speed controls, quick exhaust, mufflers, and various other accessories.

SMC FRL Assembly