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Hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, and hydraulic cylinders run the machines that drive your business - until they break or wear out. HydraGear understands the critical nature of hydraulic systems and has built a solid reputation on our quick, high-quality, hydraulic pump re-manufacture.

Why should you choose HydraGear LLC for your hydraulic pump re-manufacture needs? For over 20 years, we have been providing fast, accurate re-manufacture services for hydraulic pumps, motors, and cylinders. Our technicians are trained for hydraulic re-manufacturing on Bosh Rexroth, Denison pumps, Eaton Vickers pumps, Kawasaki pumps, Sauer-Danfoss, Sunstrand, and other major hydraulic pump brands. 

HydraGear LLC is a one-stop-shop for hydraulic needs, such as re-manufacturing of hydraulic components, machining, or fabricating. We specialize in an extensive line of hydraulic cylinders of all shapes and sizes, as well as pumps, motors, and valves. We offer new and re-manufactured units.

All units receive a free evaluation and verbal report on the unit’s problem(s), possible cause(s), and prevention techniques.

Damaged and worn parts are replaced with OEM parts. If OEM parts are not available, we can machine and fabricate quality OEM parts.

All units are 100% tested and set to specification before leaving our facility. 

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No Charge for Disassemble & Evaluation!

Industries We Service

Construction Hydraulics - Redi-Mix Trucks, Concrete Pumping Trucks, Concrete Placers/Spreaders, Concrete Pavers, Batch Plants, Vibe Rollers, Material Transfer Vehicles, Cold Planers, Sweepers, Cranes, Loaders, Excavators

Agricultural Hydraulics - Harvester, Combines, Tractors, Cotton Pickers, Sprayers, Windrowers, Bailers, Loaders, & Other Hydraulic Machines

Dairy Industry - Hydrostatic Drive Motors, Auger Motors (Poclain MS50 & MS83), Main Hydraulic Pumps (Eaton 54, 64, & Others), Auxiliary Pumps (Eaton/Vickers PVE12 & Others)

Mining Hydraulics - Shovels/Excavators (Hitachi, Caterpillar/Bucyrus, O&K, Demag, Komatsu, & More), Loaders (Caterpillar, Komatsu, Liebherr, & More), Haul Trucks (Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Liebherr, Terex, & More), Drills (Atlas Copco, Ingersoll-Rand, Sandvik, & More)

Oil & Gas Hydraulics - Rock Drills, Water Drills, Horizontal Directional Drills, Drills (Ingersoll-Rand, Atlas Copco, Reed Drills, Driltech, Sandvik, Tamrock, P&H)



Rod Gates - Rod gates are simple, inexpensive, and offer a great deal of flexibility. The gate consists of a row of metal rods that are manually inserted into the body of the gate to partially obstruct the material flow.  

A rod gate is an easy way of providing flow cutoff for maintenance purposes. Rod gates can also be used for flow reduction to feed conveyors or mineral processing equipment. The picture to the right shows a simple circular rod gate with 13 rods, illustrating the flexible simplicity of the gate.

Our rod gates are usually either round or rectangular. Standard sizes go up to 60” with rod diameters up to 2.5”. Rod diameters are determined based on the material density and gate size.

Circular Rod Gate

Rack & Pinion Gates- A rack and pinion gate is a slide gate that is generally operated by a handwheel turning a pinion gear on a gear rack to open and close the gate. Other designs that fall into this category may use alternate mechanical means to actuate the gate but still are referred to as “rack and pinion”.

Historically, rack and pinion gates have been used in power plants and coal processing plants. Operators were able to easily adjust the flow by turning a handwheel during the process operation. These gates can also be provided with motorized actuators rather than simple handwheels. The picture to the right shows a large double-bladed rack and pinion which has gear reducers for motorized driving of the gate in the field.

Rack and Pinion Gate

Diverters- Diverter gates are used throughout manufacturing and bulk material handling processes to direct material to different destinations. PICOR diverter gates are very robust and easily maintained. The gate blade sustains the most wear of any part of the gate. Our design allows the gate blade to be removed and replaced without removing any of the chute work of the gate.

A diverter gate can easily accommodate up to three different streams and can be put in a cascade formation to handle additional destinations. Diverter gates can also be reversed, allowing multiple streams to be combined back into a single stream.

Operation of the diverter gates can be accomplished by electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, or manual methods, and can feature feedback to ensure that the gate position is correct. This allows for automated operation of the gate through the plant’s existing control network.

Diverter Gates