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Our National Mechanical Power Systems business unit is focused on your large gearing applications or challenges.  We can offer assistance in gearbox selection when you’re first laying out the system. We can assist after installation with condition monitoring, oil sampling, or oil analysis.  

We also provide industrial gearbox repairs, both internally and through strategic partners.  Need a simple seal and bearing replacement? No problem! Do you have a gearbox with broken teeth?  We can work with you to get it repaired and back on your process in a minimum amount of time. We can also retrofit existing gearboxes with case-carburized gear sets to increase the power density that a specific gear can handle.

We also offer custom gear solutions!  We can supply ring gears or segmented gears for kiln applications, or other large rotating equipment.  Need a custom ratio or dimension? We may be able to design a solution that fits your needs. Need a large gearbox?  We can offer up to a size 12 shaft-mount gearbox off the shelf and can easily get a size 14.

Have you heard about the Internet of Things or Industry 4.0 but aren’t really sure how you could make use of it?  We offer a variety of condition monitoring systems for your gearing application! On factory-built gear reducers, we can offer complete monitoring solutions.   These systems can monitor up to 14 different channels of key reducer data, including vibration analysis!

Why do you need to worry about IoT?  Because the data provided gives you the ability to perform predictive maintenance on your equipment, which extends the life of your equipment, saving you money!  Preventing sudden catastrophic failure is simpler with a condition monitoring system.

Open gearbox with gearsets

Smart Gearbox with IIoT Sensor Package