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Purvis Bearing Service is the original business unit of Purvis Industries and has its roots in the bearing & power transmission product groups.  Through Purvis Bearing Service, we stock and support many key mechanical product brands and families.


Virtually all of the core mechanical power transmission and bearing products are stocked locally at each of our Purvis Industries distributor branches.  We strive to maintain at least 80% of our inventory in our local stores, not stuck in a distribution center hundreds of miles away - where it might as well be in stock at the manufacturer!   


Belts, Sheaves, & Pulleys

Chains & Sprockets



Adhesives, Sealants, & Lubricants

Seals & Gaskets

Gear, Gearboxes, & Gearmotors

Keyed, Stepped, & Custom Shafting

Many other product groups!


Bearings - We typically stock housed units (2-bolt & 4-bolt flanges and pillow blocks, take-up units) in both ball bearing and roller bearing configurations.  We also have unmounted bearings with many different rolling elements - ball, roller (cylindrical, spherical, and tapered), and needle bearings. We also carry cam followers and yoke rollers.


Belts, Sheaves & Pulleys - Our branches maintain a wide variety of v-belts for your needs, in all the standard cross-sections (A, B, C, 3VX, 5VX), along with all the corresponding pulleys in standard sizes and bores, in both straight bore and bushing styles.  We also carry synchronous belts, and in many cases the pulleys to go with them.


Chains & Sprockets - Our typical inventory consists of single- and double-pitch chain, in all sizes up to 200 (depending on the branch).  We also stock heavy wall chain in sizes up to 100. We also have all the accessories you need - half links, roller links, and connecting links - on the shelf!  Every branch has the sprockets to match the chain that they have in inventory, both bore-to-size and bushing style.


Couplings - We feature jaw, chain, and grid couplings, as well as elastomeric couplings.  Our inventory contains a wide variety of bores to match any application. Need a different bore?  All our branches tailor their stock independently to service their local market - if your branch doesn’t have your specific size, odds are another branch does!


Bushings - We stock as standard bronze bushings, as well as QD and taper-lock bushings.  


Adhesives, Sealants, & Lubricants - All our branches carry thread lock, bearing retaining compound, gasket sealants, grease guns and grease tubes, and accessories for these products!  Some branches also carry 5 gallon buckets of gear oil and hydraulic fluid.


Seals & Gaskets - Shaft seals and o-rings are standard inventory for every branch, and many branches also carry mechanical seals to supplement the inventory.  

Gears, Gearboxes & Gearmotors -   We keep a large variety of shaft mount gearboxes throughout the company.  In addition to the gearbox, we stock the bushings and accessories for conveyor drives (faces and shafts).  We can provide small gearsets in helical bevel and helical worm configurations. We even stock a size 12 shaft mount gearbox at our Dallas branch!  Also in Dallas, we have a custom gearbox assembly center for inline concentric reducers.


Keyed, Stepped & Custom Shafting  - Each branch carries a wide variety of shafting diameters and lengths!  Most of the shafting in the branches are keyed, but we maintain some keyless at strategic locations.  We can also make custom shafting for your specific need, whether it has multiple steps, irregular key or diameter dimensions, drilled and tapped end faces, or unique materials.  We also carry a full range of keystock at most branches.

Purvis Bearing Service also maintains the historic product knowledge and application experience for which we have always been known.  We train constantly! We want to be known as the most technically proficient distributor in the market and this is the key component to keeping the promise our founder, George Purvis, always stated:  "Purvis for Service!"