PICOR offers precision loading and material flow control for bulk material handling
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PICOR was acquired by Purvis in 2018 to expand our existing bulk material handling capabilities.  PICOR’s designs of innovative bulk material handling products and loading systems are recognized as the most advanced worldwide.  Our specialties are in flow control of material and the loading of your product into the transportation system for sale.

PICOR offers three distinct and unique products and solutions:


Components, such as flow control gates and diverters

Precision loading systems for railcars and trucks

Reclaim systems using the patented Walker Reclaimer design

Our core components, such as slide gates, rod gates, rack and pinion gates, mass flow gates and diverters are detailed below.  Our truck loading and train loading systems, as well as our reclaim systems, are detailed on our Engineering Services page.

Are you a coal producer who needs to load out an entire train?  We can load each car in the train automatically to within 0.5% of the desired load!  We can do it fast and efficiently - up to 16,000 tons per hour! Are you looking to automate your truck loading?  We can scale the same technology to your simple loadout station. Do you want to load both trains and trucks from the same facility?  PICOR can do it.

But we don’t just service the coal industry - any bulk material producer can use our products and systems.  Power plants, sand and gravel quarries, manganese mines, wood pellet plants, limestone quarries are all outstanding candidates to benefit from PICOR’s innovation.

Railcar Precision Loading System for Bulk Material Handling


Slide Gates - We design and manufacture a wide variety of slide gates!  Our standard gate sizes range from 18” to 72”. We’ve even built a gate that was 36” long by 144” wide!

Slide gates consist of a blade that is moved in and out of the product flow, from fully closed to fully open - think of it as a dimmer switch for bulk material flow.  Depending on your available power types (electrical or fluid) and your material properties, we will adjust our design to minimize wear while maximizing performance. We also have paid attention to environmental concerns by designing proprietary gate seals that eliminate dust emissions.

We offer single and dual-blade gate designs which can be actuated hydraulically, pneumatically, or electrically.  Additionally, we can custom-fit a gate to your specific flow by simply adapting one of our existing designs!

Slide Gate Hydraulic Bi-Parting Sealed on Pallet

Rod Gates - Rod gates are very simple, inexpensive, and offer a great deal of flexibility.  The gate consists of a row of metal rods which are inserted manually into the gate body to partially obstruct the material flow.  

A rod gate is an easy way to provide flow cutoff for maintenance purposes.  Rod gates can also be used for flow reduction to feed conveyors or mineral processing equipment.  The picture to the right shows a simple circular rod gate with 13 rods, illustrating the flexible simplicity of the gate.

Our rod gates are usually either round or rectangular.  Standard sizes go up to 60” with rod diameters up to 2.5”.  Rod diameters are determined on the basis of the material density and gate size.

Circular Rod Gate

Rack & Pinion Gates - A rack and pinion gate is a slide gate that is generally operated by a handwheel turning a pinion gear on a gear rack to open and close the gate.  Other designs that fall into this category may use alternate mechanical means to actuate the gate but still are referred to as “rack and pinion”.

Historically, rack and pinion gates have been used in power plants and coal processing plants.  Operators were able to easily adjust the flow by turning a handwheel during the process operation.  These gates can also be provided with motorized actuators rather than simple handwheels. The picture to the right shows a large double-bladed rack and pinion which has gear reducers for motorized driving of the gate in the field.

Rack and Pinion Gate

Diverters - Diverter gates are used throughout manufacturing and bulk material handling processes to direct the material to different destinations.  PICOR diverter gates are very robust and easily maintained. The gate blade sustains the most wear of any part of the gate. Our design allows the gate blade to be removed and replaced without removing any of the chute work of the gate.

A diverter gate can easily accommodate up to three different streams, and can be put in a cascade formation to handle even more destinations.  Diverter gates can also be reversed, allowing multiple streams to be combined back into a single stream.

Operation of the diverter gates can be accomplished by electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, or manual methods, and can feature feedback to ensure that the gate position is correct.  This allows for automated operation of the gate through the plant’s existing control network.

Diverter Gates