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National Petroleum Oilfield Products serves as our oilfield division.  Specializing in mechanical products for oil rigs and production, NPOP can handle mud pumps, draw works, and other rig equipment maintenance items.  Located in Houston and Odessa, NPOP has quality Tier 1 bearings, power transmission, and gearing products stocked and is especially focused on the quick service that oil and gas require!

Mud Pumps -  NPOP inventories bearings and seals for most makes & models of mud pumps.  We also inventory the largest inventory of mud pump V-Belt sheaves, Q.D. bushings, and Kevlar belts.  If we do not have the right sheaves for your application, we can make the selection and design your belt drive for single & dual traction motor drives as well as independent diesel application.  We also offer tensioning devices that will get your V-belt drive tensioned to spec to avoid premature failures and shaft breakages. When you receive your made-to-order sheaves from NPOP, they fit.

DWWKS - NPOP inventories bearings, seals & roller chain for legacy DWWKS of all makes and models.  We also inventory motor input gear couplings for legacy DWWKS as well as the newer gearbox-driven DWWKS.  If you need a sprocket and delivery is unacceptable, please give NPOP a call.  We can re-engineer the part through our AutoCAD services and have the part made on an expedited basis.  This service is also available on gear couplings.  Give us a call and we will begin working on your breakdown immediately.

Crown & Traveling Equipment -  We inventory sheave bearings, Timken and FAG as well as Clark Seals with and without snap rings.  We also carry snap rings for 8", 10", and 12" sheave applications.  We offer the completed sealed unitized sheave bearings by both FAG and Timken.

Top-Drive NPOP carries an extensive inventory of Top-Drive bearings, seals and bearing isolators.  We also boast the greatest knowledge for new applications as well as troubleshooting existing problems you may have with your Top-Drive bearing needs.  If you need help with your Top-Drive bearings, please contact NPOP.

Iron Rough Necks -  We inventory hundreds of parts for Iron Rough Necks.  Not only do we inventory bearings but we also keep in stock made-to-order machined parts.  Call NPOP for your Iron Rough Neck needs!

Machining Capabilities -  NPOP helps with designs for numerous applications that require made-to-order parts.  From special hubs and shafts to exotic couplings and adapters, please send us your idea and we will turn it into reality.