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Underground mining is hard, dangerous work.  You need safety gear specialized for underground mining!  Look no further than the Mine Supply Company.  We understand your needs and will help you find what you're looking for.

We have products on the shelf that non-miners don't even know about - ventilation curtains and ducts, roofbolts and roof mesh material, and underground PPE and safety equipment.  What about wire rope, rigging, and shackles?  Do you need additional slings or fittings?  Our stocks are extensive and ready for your call!

We also offer standard industrial supplies - lubricants, paint, abrasives, floor dry, hand tools, rags, pumps, and screens.  Need a grease gun or a grease tube?  It's on the shelf.  How about lead chain or bulk chain?  Also on the shelf.  Let us work with your warehouse team to ensure that you have a constant just-in-time delivery of your most common mining and industrial supplies so that you can reduce your inventory and streamline your purchasing.

Underground mining