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Posted on Thursday Jun 14, 2018 at 01:19PM in Electrical

Article Submitted By: Robert Witte

ABB PSTX Soft Starters

        When ABB first released their new PSTX Soft Starter, they were only available up to 370 amps (300 Hp @ 480v) but they have now released the full product line up to 1250 amps (1000 Hp  @ 480v). Previously, all ABB Soft Starters were a part of the ABB Low Voltage Products Group, along with products like Circuit Breakers, Across the Line Starters, Disconnect Switches, Pilot Devices, etc. Recently the Soft Starter product line has been re-aligned into the ABB Low Voltage Drives Group. 


The PSTX Soft Starters are the most feature rich Soft Starters on the market today. The detachable keypad is modeled after the current ABB Drives keypad, such as the ACS880, ACS580 and soon to be released ACS480. Navigating through the keypad to program the Soft Starter parameters has the same flow as the current ABB drives, making programming very easy, even without using the manual for assistance. This user-friendly keypad is standard on all PSTX Softs Starters.

  The PSTX Soft Starters offer a Slow Speed Jog Function, in both Forward and Reverse Directions. This feature allows for greater flexibility when operating equipment such as Conveyor Belts and Cranes. This feature provides positioning capabilities, allowing the operator to take greater control of their process.


  The PSTX Soft Starters also includes a Built-in Bypass which saves time and energy. When reaching full speed, the PSTX will activate its bypass. This saves energy while reducing the soft starter’s heat generation. This Built-in Bypass saves installation time and saves valuable panel space.


  The PSTX Soft Starters includes many application enhancing features, such as Torque Control – the most efficient way to start and stop pumps. The Pump Cleaning feature can reverse pump flow and clean out pipes, securing uptime of pump systems. These features provide more complete control of pump systems.


  The PSTX Soft Starter offers complete motor protection in a single unit. They can handle both load and network irregularities. The Built-in Electronic Overload Relay, available RTD inputs, Earth Fault Protection and Over/Under Voltage Protection along with many other functions designed to help keep motors safer than ever before. The PSTX also offers three types of current limits: Standard, Dual and Ramp, providing full control of motors during start. This also allows motors to be used in weaker networks.

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