Purvis Industries has the most complete array of engineering expertise and capabilities to serve your entire vertical process in bulk material handling!  We offer design, engineering, and fabrication of all types of conveying systems such as belt conveyors, screw conveyors, drag conveyors, and bucket elevators, Precision Loading Systems, and reclaim systems.  

Additionally, we have capabilities in unit handling conveyors for distribution centers and packaging processes.  Through our partnership with Hytrol Conveyor, our engineers are able to design a wide variety of unit handling solutions, including the introduction of robotics!

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The Purvis Mechanical Products Group can specify, select and develop solutions for today's most challenging applications. Our staff engineers have extensive knowledge in speed reducer design, application selection and comple system design to meet the customer's needs. Our extensive variety of Mechanical Products from top-tier suppliers puts Purvis in an excellent position to solve the needs of a dynamic and always-changing market. Our thoroughly trained sales force and technical support team are ready to examine your application and provide solutions that successfully solve all your applications.


Virtually all mechanical systems require electricity to power the movement of equipment.  Not only do we design, build, and fabricate conveyors and other mechanical systems, we control them!  We can provide everything back up the powertrain from the motor, to the motor control device, whether it's a starter, softstart, or drive.  Not only that, but we can design a custom control cabinet and mount that motor control device with fuses or circuit breakers, safety disconnect switches, and even go back to the main switchgear and to the substation transformer itself!  Our partnership with ABB and our Authorized Value Provider status means that our customers have access to some of the best electrical engineers in the world.  Let us show you what we can do when you need your next control system.