Build, Repair, and Refurbish Industrial Gearboxes

At Purvis, we have a variety of gearbox service options within the company.  We have a gearbox build center in-house for in-line (concentric) gearboxes. We assemble shaft-mount gearboxes for conveyor drive assemblies with motor mount, electric motor, sheaves, and v-belts.  We also build direct-drive gearboxes. We have the capability both in-house and through partners to perform industrial gearbox repair.

(Picture of FTW assembly area)

Hydraulic Services

Our HydraAir business unit has the capability to design and assemble hydraulic power units. We can also design entire hydraulic systems for your needs.  

Many of our branches also contain hose shops, where they can custom-build hydraulic hose assemblies and industrial hose assemblies.  Do you have a special request for a custom fitting or hose? We work directly with our hose manufacturers to provide the fitting that will meet your needs.  

We can also position a hydraulic hose crimper in your shop (subject to volume requirements) and train you to assemble your own hydraulic and industrial hoses!  We also carry a wide variety of hydraulic pump parts that we can use to make a pump specifically for your application.

(picture of hydraulic power unit)

Machining & Fabrication Services

Our machine shops are located in St. Louis, MO and at our KMEC division located in Houston, TX.  There we can design and manufacture virtually any metalwork you require. One of our specialties at our St. Louis shop is vibrator repair.  Both shops also perform sheet metal fabrication. We can also offer fabrication of small custom screw conveyors.

(Pictures of machine shops)

Conveyor Belt Services

Our belt techs from CAPCORP can perform both field service as well as in-house belt preparation.  Our field techs provide such valuable services as mechanical belt splicing and vulcanizing. They also do basic conveyor belt surveys to identify potential trouble spots on your belt so you can address them before they become a problem!

Need a custom length belt slit to width?  Need a custom attachment on your lightweight belt?  Would you like your belt spliced so it is endless before we ship it?  Our full-service belt shops can provide all these services for you. Your conveyor system is important to your plant’s operation - proactively take care of it by contacting CAPCORP for assistance with your maintenance plan.

CAPCORP Belt Techs during install