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Purvis is proud of our ability to provide ABB drives and controls.  To do this, we have a team of 6 factory-trained engineers who will come out with our account managers and assist you in developing the correct solution to your motor control challenges.  These engineers have some of the most advanced training that ABB provides to their channel, including authorized startup for ACS550, ACS580, ACS880, and DCS800.  They also have been trained as Drive Experts by ABB - an application-based certification that includes discussion in communication networks and advanced applications for high-performance drives.

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Purvis has also developed ACES - the Automated Custom Enclosure System!  Using this tool, our engineers and account managers can work with you to create one-of-a-kind custom control panel proposals quickly and easily!  Whether you want a simple drive in a box, or you need a line up of 30, 50, or even 70 motor controls, ACES can produce a proposal and a price in a very short period of time!  Let us show you today how easy and simple it is to let us do the electrical enclosure work for you.  Our UL508 panel shop will have you a quality product, fully documented, and ready to go.