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Purvis Industries At CONExpo

March 14th - 18th, 2023

Las Vegas Convention Center

North Hall 

Booth #N12001

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About CONExpo:

CONEXPO is the world's largest Construction Expo, generally held every 3 years. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 event was postponed and is now being held in March of this year. In 2017, this event had over 2.8 million square feet of exhibit space, 2,800 leading manufacturers and service providers, and 26000 attendees from more than 150 countries.

Purvis Industries is excited to be exhibiting at CONEXPO this year, and we want to share our conveying capabilities with every visitor! We'll be showcasing our miniaturized conveying demo, "Einstein" on the floor, as well as digital presentations on some of our larger projects.

Product and Business Unit specialists from both KMEC and PICOR will be joining members of the Purvis team to be available to explain our combined experience, specialties, and products. We'll also have members of our CapCorp and Precision teams on hand for any belting or contracting needs you may have.

If you are considering attending CONEXPO, please fill out our form at the bottom of this page to request a meeting with our team during the show. You can also be added to our email list for updates from Purvis regarding CONEXPO!

"Purvis for Service" is more than just a motto, it's our way of life. Let us know what we can do for you! We hope to see you at CONEXPO in March!

KMEC - Engineering & Conveying Systems


KMEC is  an engineering, design and fabrication firm located in Houston, TX that has 30 years of experience in bulk material handling. KMEC’s engineers are especially skilled at creating solutions for customers with unusual or special requirements in material handling. 


This dedication to quality has allowed KMEC to develop highly efficient custom solutions at the lowest cost that meets the needs of our customer. With attributes of quality, efficiency, and dedication – KMEC is a leader in the bulk material handling industry.


Our experience has been tested in mining, aggregate, coal, bauxite, ores, pet coke and many other bulk materials. The equipment provided to these industries includes in-plant conveyors, overland conveyors, radial stackers, portable conveyors, floating conveyors, ship loaders, barge unloaders, and other related bulk material handling equipment.

Our engineers take their years of experience in material handling and put them to work for your plant.  We specialize in the tough challenges.  12 mile long overland conveyor?  Horizontal double-curve conveyor?   Twin-boom stackers?  Ship loading terminals?  Ground contamination, terrain challenges, distance challenges, material challenges - KMEC has solved them all.


Let us work with you to find creative ways to solve your problems.  We can help you eliminate transfer points, reduce spillage and other waste, and be more efficient with your system.  Through Purvis and CapCorp, we can deliver ready-made solutions to your service and MRO teams through asset management software and our eCommerce solution for spare parts.  KMEC starts your project off right for years of productive service.

PICOR - Innovation, Quality, Value

PICOR offers precision loading and material flow control for bulk material handling.

Purvis Industries acquired PICOR in 2018 to expand our existing bulk material handling capabilities. PICOR's designs of innovative bulk material handling products and loading systems are recognized as the most advanced worldwide. Our specialties are in flow control of material and the loading of your product into the transportation system for sale.

PICOR offers three distinct and unique products and solutions:

   •    Components, such as flow control gates and diverters

   •    Precision Loading Systems for railcars and trucks

   •    Reclaim Systems using the patented Walker Reclaimer design

Are you a coal producer who needs to load out an entire train? We can load each car in the train automatically to within 0.5% accuracy of the desired load! We can do it quickly and efficiently - up to 16,000 tons per hour! Are you looking to automate your truck loading? We can scale the same technology to your simple load-out station. Do you want to load both trains and trucks from the same facility? PICOR can do it. But we don't just service the coal industry - any bulk material producer can use our products and systems. Power plants, sand and gravel quarries, manganese mines, wood pellet plants and limestone quarries are all outstanding candidates to benefit from PICOR's innovation.

Foresight Automation, Inc.

Foresight Automation is an engineering company offering design and development services in the area of industrial automation, robotics and integration. They have the unusual capability of offering both electrical and mechanical expertise under one roof. Foresight Automation has garnered a nationwide clientele in the area of industrial control and automation, many of whom are high volume manufacturers.


Foresight has successfully completed Process Control projects in the following industries: high volume web printing, water, aerospace, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, building materials manufacturing and many others. Foresight is dedicated to assisting our customers' efforts to improve production efficiency, product quality, and improve operator safety.


Our engineers have over a hundred years of combined experience managing engineering projects, including multi-million-dollar, multi-disciplined endeavors, involving numerous companies and contractors. The scope of many of these projects is from inception to production. During these projects, the project manager works hand in hand with the end users, not only to manage the technical aspects of the project, but to manage and anticipate the customer’s expectations as well. Foresight is also an Authorized ABB Robotics Integrator.


Foresight also offers these services and capabilities:

    •    Full-service project management

    •    Complete electrical, controls & machine design engineering service including design & documentation

    •    In-house manufacturing including electrical and mechanical assembly

    •    Precision machine shop capability

    •    Industrial Controls System Integrator

    •    UL 508A Panel Shop

    •    Field Service (Controls) for all PLCs, HMIs, Servos

CapCorp - Total Belting Solutions

CAPCORP is our belting division and we provide both lightweight and heavyweight belt, including belt modifications such as attaching cleats and V-guides, slitting and vulcanizing in house, and we send service crews out to the field to install directly on your conveyor.  Our field service is second-to-none and we are proficient at getting your installation or repair with a minimum amount of downtime and hassle.

We believe in local inventory, and CAPCORP is no exception!  At the right you see our Fort Worth, TX stock - miles and miles of heavyweight belt ready to go at a moment's notice.  We can mobilize and get you back up and running - just give us a chance to show you what we can do!

Our CAPCORP crews are experts at lightweight and heavyweight belting, from complete change-outs on conveyor belts from 10 feet to 10 miles long, to repairs on rolls of belting weighing up to 99,000 lbs. and measuring 96 inches wide.  CAPCORP technicians are cross-trained to weld, rig and install conveyor belts underground or in the air.  Our technicians perform daily hot or cold repairs on anything that is rubber and lag pulleys – on site or in our shop.  We also offer yearly or multiple-year Conveyor Service Contracts to address regular maintenance issues.