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Timken Belts R8VK2500-6
Timken Belts

Timken Belts R8VK2500-6

Timken Belts


Timken Belts Aramax® Wedge-Band® R8VK2500-6 Banded V-Belt, 8V Section, 6 in W Top, 250 in L Outside, 7/8 in THK, Fabric

  • Item#: R8VK2500-6
  • Mfr#: R8VK2500-6
  • UPC: 785201270840
  • Designed for extraordinary strength on the toughest belt drives
  • Aramid cord provides high horsepower capability
  • Highly engineered tie band bonds multiple belts together enabling belts to function as a single unit with even load distribution and wear
  • Provides excellent service life in harsh environments and high shock load conditions
  • Banded construction enhances stability by preventing belt whip and rollover
  • Excellent oil and heat resistance
  • Vibration is dampened
  • Heavy shock loads are absorbed
  • Backed by our Iron Clad Guarantee
  • Made in the USA
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The Aramax® Wedge-Band® is designed for extraordinary banded belt strength on the toughest belt drives. It's ideally suited for oil field mud pumps, rock and quarry applications, lumber industry drives and heavy construction machinery. Aramid cord provides maximum protection against belt breakage due to shock loads. Due to the unique nature of these high performance banded belts, no drive design literature is available. Rather, we suggest that you work with our application engineering department for design assistance.

Timken Belts Aramax® Wedge-Band® V-Belt, Banded, 8V Section, 6 in Top Width, 250 in Outside Length, 7/8 in Thickness, 6 Ribs, -35 to 130 deg F, Fabric, Kevlar® Reinforced