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Dodge® 23A30L14WP

Dodge® 23A30L14WP




  • Item#: 208128
  • Mfr#: 23A30L14WP
  • UPC: 782476213480
    • A 13 step coating system which provides greater than three times the corrosion resistance of standard epoxy painted units
    • 300 series stainless steel solid and hollow output shafts and stainless hardware
    • 2-piece harsh duty output seals
    • Generous step between diameter of output bearing journal and diameter of seal journal prevents bearing from scuffing seal journal during assembly
    • Bronze gear material has an extremely fine grain structure for maximum durability and minimum wear
    • Worm shaft machining process increases gear precision and accuracy by more than twice the normal
    • Unique internal design of input quill, along with a special factory applied anti-seize compound and helps to reduce chances for fretting corrosion with motor shaft
    • State of the art computer modeling and optimization of multiple gear parameters in Tigear-2® gear geometry allow higher torque capacity, greater efficiency and cooler operating temperatures
    • Long life and low maintenance
    • For use with belt conveyor, pumping, fan drive, mixer drive and screw conveyor
    • 3-piece coupled motor adapter kit to a separate style reducer creates a durable drive package that facilitates easy motor removal and provides protection against shock loads and other unpredictable vibrations
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The advanced design concept of the TIGEAR-2® reducer product line provides extreme flexibility for applications that require from 100 to more than 6800 in-lb of torque. Whether the application requires the compactness of a quill style input, the durability of a 3-piece coupled input or a separate keyed input shaft for belt driven equipment, TIGEAR-2® is the answer. With four basic reducer configurations that are dimensionally interchangeable with most competitive brands and stock and bolt-on accessories, the TIGEAR-2® reducer line is truly a complete line that is full of value.

Dodge® TIGEAR-2® Right Angle Worm Gear Speed Reducer, Size 23, 30:1 Gear Ratio, 1.42 hp Mechanical Input/1.11 hp Mechanical Output/2.06 hp Thermal Input, 3-Piece Coupled Input, Solid A Shaft Output, 1.1245 in Output, 58 rpm Output Maximum, 1750 rpm Input Maximum, 1201 in-lb Torque, 2.31 in Centre Distance, 0.25 x 0.25 x 1.98 in Keyway, 60 to 95 % Efficiency, Left Hand Rotation, Class H1 Food Grade Synthetic Lubrication, 140TC Mounting, Gray Iron, White Painted, 12.98 in L x 9.31 in H Dimensions


Centre Distance      :      2.31 in
Dimensions      :      12.98 in L x 9.31 in H
Efficiency      :      60 to 95 %
Finish      :      White Painted
Input Maximum Speed      :      1750 rpm
Keyway Size      :      0.25 x 0.25 x 1.98 in
Lubrication Type      :      Class H1 Food Grade Synthetic
Material      :      Gray Iron
Mounting Type      :      140TC
Output Size      :      1.1245 in
Rotation Type      :      Left Hand
Type      :      Size 23
Input Type      :      3-Piece Coupled
Output Type      :      Solid A Shaft
Horsepower      :      1.42 hp Mechanical Input/1.11 hp Mechanical Output/2.06 hp Thermal Input
Gear Ratio      :      30:1
Output Maximum Speed      :      58 rpm
Torque Rating      :      1201 in-lb


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