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Vacuum-Formed Plastics

Purvis Bearing Service

Vacuum-Formed Plastics

If you have a need for vacuum-formed products, Purvis Bearing Service can quickly turn your need into reality. From our shop in Waco, we can vacuum-form ABS and acrylic into a variety of shapes, sizes (up to 40”) and colors. We can even weld plastic or bend Lexan to form larger parts such as water tanks, guards and shields.

We also offer a complete line of coupling guards. We represent the Rexnord Orange Peel line of guards as described below.

Vacuum Formed Plastics Measuring Guide
Center Distance 19" - 36"
Depth 4"
Inside Width 8.25"
Shaft Diameter 2"
Outside Width 11.25"

Purvis Bearing Service also specializes in plastic belt guards, created by vacuum-forming or heat/bending from a sheet of plastic. Belt guards made from plastic have several advantages over metal. They never rust, never need painting, are lightweight, and very colorful, and cost much less than metal guards. Also, plastic guards act as a sound barrier, do not conduct electricity, can be cleaned with a damp cloth and, when bumped, snap back in shape where metal guards stay bent.

Vacuum Formed Plastics Measuring Guide
Dimension Guard Model
A 25.25" 29"
B - Pitch Diameter 5.6" 6"
C - Pitch Diameter 8.6" 12.4"
D - Max Center Dist 16" 15"
Depth 5" 4"

Orange Peel’s patented trim-and-fit design revolutionizes equipment guard convenience and value, so you can get the job-site safety you want without the expense and long lead times of custom engineered guards. Because Orange Peel guards are sized to your overall application, they can be installed in three easy steps: Make three simple measurements using dimensioned trim lines, make quick trim cuts, then simply fit the hardware. In less than an hour, Orange Peel can have you up and running.

Orange Peel Rotating Shaft Guards