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Q: Why the change in name from Purvis Bearing Service to Purvis Industries, and is Purvis Bearing Service going away?
  A: Although we are changing the name to Purvis Industries, we are not changing Purvis Bearing Service; but simply enhancing it! We have been Purvis Bearing Service for more than 60 years, and it has and will continue to be an excellent company. Purvis Bearing Service is not going away – will become a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of Purvis Industries. This change now aligns the company name with the vision for the future and positions us for growth. As industry changes, our company has evolved from being a Product-Supplier focused business model to a Customer-Needs focused model.

Q: When did this evolution take place?
  A: On January 1, 2007, our name officially changed to Purvis Industries, the leadership company over our Strategic Business Units (SBUs).

Q: Will the assigned salesperson for our account be able to sell all of the products of the Strategic Business Units (SBUs)?
  A: Absolutely! in fact, most of the locations are already doing so.

We encourage our customers to utilize Purvis Industries for all of their product needs, now available with our increased offering from each of the SBUs.

Q: Is Purvis Industries going to stock the entire product line from each of the SBUs?
  A: Our inventories are continuously evolving to better serve our customers. With the addition of the new suppliers and product lines, we will develop new markets and customers for these products and will continue to evaluate the inventory needs for each location as we grow with these new products and suppliers. We have already set up these new vendors and are building inventories on some of the products currently in Dallas, at our corporate warehouse. This evolution process will not affect our ability to sell and service the customer.

Q: What does this mean to the customer?
  A: We now serve more market segments in our industrial customer base with a much broader array of products. Additionally the name change and the creation of the SBUs give the customer easier access and a clear channel to those business units where these new product lines reside. This will create more opportunities for existing as well as new customers.

Purvis Industries is continuously evolving and looking for ways to grow our business and provide more opportunity and better services for the customer, so we have developed these new SBUs over the past couple of years. Through this evolution and addition of new product lines, we have realized that being viewed as simply a bearing and power transmission distributor limits our ability to go to market. Our new name will help the customers in our markets realize that we have much more to offer (in addition to bearings and power transmission products) to better service their needs.

Q: What do our customers think of the new name: Purvis Industries?
  A: The customers we have talked to as we evaluated this change (and there were many) tell us this is just a natural evolution. They see it as a better and much more defined way to accommodate the dynamics of their needs and feel it will be better for them.

It should be viewed as an enhancement to our value proposition via much broader product lines, and will allow the customer a much higher level of service in additional product categories such as Industrial Automation, Electrical Products, Belting Sales and Services, Systems Application and Design, and Total Turn Key Solutions all the way to major plant and operational expansions with our in-house Electrical and Mechanical Engineering staff that are employed here at Purvis Industries.

Historically we have been viewed as a Bearing and Power Transmission Company. Today, in addition to that, we have so much more to offer. We will continue to provide those services, and not limit ourselves or the customer to just those areas.

Q: Who will the customer call for service?
  A: It will be business as usual. The customer will continue to call the same knowledgeable inside and outside sales personnel at the same phone numbers and process transactions in the same manner as they have in the past.

This new structure will provide the customer with easier access to personnel in each of the strategic business units (SBUs).

Q: Who can the customer expect their invoices to come from and/or be remitted to?
  A: All invoicing will come from our corporate offices, and payments from the customer’s Accounts Payable Department will be made to Purvis Industries. CapCorp will continue to run accounting in the same manner as they are now.

Invoices will reflect the change in name and have each of the names of individual SBUs listed on the invoices. All payments will be remitted to the same addresses they have in the past.

Customers will not be required to set up a “new vendor”; for them it is simply a name change to Purvis Industries with all contact information remaining the same. Please note that all CapCorp information will continue to be the same as it is now.

Q: Can the customer call the Strategic Business Units directly for support?
  A: Business Unit Managers and support personnel can be contacted directly in an effort to support the customer more efficiently. Business Unit Managers' services can also be requested through the normal channels, such as our knowledgeable inside or outside salespeople responsible for their account at the local servicing branch.