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Light Weight Belting

Light weigh belting CapCorp Total Belting Solutions

Light Weight Belting

CAPCORP stocks lightweight conveyor belts of all types, many up to 126" wide, plastic conveyor belting, related products and services to a variety of industries around the world. With the support of world-class belt manufacturers, state-of-the-art equipment and industry leading sales, fabrication and field service experts, CAPCORP is uniquely positioned to be your ‘Total Belting Solutions’ leader.

Fabrication Capabilities

Vulcanizing Endless (PVC, PU, Rubber, Silicone, etc.)

– Endless up to 136” wide standard, some belt types or applications up to 19’ wide.

Longitudinal Splicing (PVC, PU, Rubber, Silicone, etc.)

– Hot vulcanized, 15' to 20’ wide, depending upon belt type.

Hi-Frequency Welding* (PVC, PU, most Thermoplastics)

– Cleats and Sidewalls up to 3” tall, industrial and food grade belts up to 32” wide.

V-Guides (PVC, PU, Rubber)

– All sizes metric and domestic, solid or notched, industrial and food grade.

Rubber Cleats and Sidewalls

– Cold bonded cleats/sidewalls, industrial and food grade, up to 4” tall.

Foam/Silicone/Rubber Backings

– Hot or Cold bonded, on Flat belts, V-belts, Serpentine and Timing belts.

Elevator Belt Punching

– Up to 60” wide x 700’ long. Punching diagram required on all orders.

Plastic Belts

– All types of modular belting and chain from industry leading manufacturers including Habasit and KVP.

Perforated Belts

– All belt types, any hole pattern. Punching diagram required.

Timing Belts

– All types, including urethane-steel and urethane-Kevlar. Available with assorted attachments and backing.

Gasket Punching

– Belting, reinforced and un-reinforced sheet rubbers, and sheet urethanes.

Pulley Lagging

– Hot or Cold bonded lagging of Roughtops, smooth rubber, custom grooved rubber, ceramic and weld-on.

Mechanical Fasteners

– FLEXCO, complete line: Hammer Alligator, Staple Alligator, Rivet Alligator, Clipper, Plastic Rivet, Plastic Spiral and many others.          

Belt Cleaning and Training Aides

– FLEXCO and Martin Engineering Belt Scrapers and Trainers, industrial and food grade products.

*Industry-leading 3-year warranty available. Ask for details.

CapCorp is proud to represent the following respected brands:

Martin Engineering
Nitta Corporation of America
Fenner Dunlop
Shingle Belting